Corn oil, a veritable energy depot with its fatty acids and triglycerides, is a good choice for both meals and salads, and is ideal for fries.


We've compiled answers to frequently asked questions in this section.
How is corn oil made?
Corn oil is obtained from corn ickers through wet and dry grinding system. The oil comes from the icker germs.
How can you consume corn oil?
Ideal for fries, warm dishes, sauces and salads, corn oil is a good choice for cooking sautée'd meat. It can be used in pastries as well.
What are the benefits of corn oil?
Corn oil is rich in linoleic acid and contains a high ratio of free phytosterol and polyunsaturated. It has the highest amount of free phytosterol among vegetable oils.

Corn oil is rich in vitamin E and anti-oxidants. Studies show that corn oil, with its nutritional contents, helps lower cholesterol and alleviates arteriosclerosis. It is also a potent energy source.


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