Küçükbay Inc. has gained the trust of the customer with the hygenic and high quality products, made by its brands Orkide, Ideal and Ekiz, and up to ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 standards.

Our utmost priorities are costumer satisfaction, being up to the standards of the Food Safety and Quality Management System, and to continuously improve the quality of our business.

In accordance, we systematically review customer complaints, suggestions and requests and set goals in line with the results, we keep improving and we do our best to help the growth of the suppliers who we've forged long term friendships, built on good will and trust toward one another.
We follow always the various codes such as the Turkish Food Codex, the laws and instructions regarding the sector, regarding human health, regarding hygene, worker safety and regarding preservation of nature and make sure we are up to date by following the new happenings.

Providing our country and the world with cooking oils up to international standards is the core of our food safety and quality policy.

Participation of the employees and their personal growth is an integral part of the food safety and quality management sytem here at Küçükbay Inc.


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