Since 1979, we have been at your tables with ''safety and with health'', with our brand borne out of fertile lands. Since 1979 we have been working with passion for healthy life
The tale begins in the sunflower fields growing over fertile plains, in 1979. Since then, with health and safety, we've been supplying your kitchens and adding joy to your meals with many modern margarines and vegetable oils, from the sunflower oil coming from the fields of Marmara to the olive oil coming from the groves of the Aegean and of Marmara.
Contributing to the economy through production and employment

Since 1979, we've been growing continuously with leaps and bounds. As the largest producer of liquid oils in Turkey, we are among the foremost in popular consumption in Turkey, but we also export to over 100 countries worldwide. We also contribute to the job market as we employ a considerable number of employees.

The birth of Orkide

Our first factory opened in Bornova, Izmir, in 1979. As we transitioned from trading to manufactoring, we first produced soap and detergant, and later in 1980, in a facility with the best technology and infrastructure of the time, we started producing sunflower oil. The brand was named after the orchid flower, which evokes "purity, care, grace, originality and mastery". As the Orkide Sunflower Oil added flavour to the tastiest meals in Turkey, we guaranteed our place in the kitchens of Turkey as a liquid vegetable oil brand. Orkide Sunflower Oils currently has among the largest marketshares in Turkey.
A brand that grows year by year

We began with suflower oil, and started producing olive oil in 1989, corn oil in 1998, plant-based margarine in 2003, canola oil in 2007, industrial margarine in 2009 and Omega 3 oil in 2015. Orkide proudly boasts all of these types of oil, from liquid oils to margarine, to out-of-home consumption oil to baking fats to industrial oils.

A tale of flavour from the kitchens of Turkey to the kitchens of the world

Orkide Oils has weaved a saga of flavour, drawing inspiration from the diverse regions of its birthplace and their unique cuisines. Orkide Oils has taken the tales of the olives of the Aegean, the sunflower of Marmara and the corn of the Mediterranean and shared them with Turkey and with the wider world. As an exporter to over 100 countries, Orkide's tale is a tale of triumph.


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